My year in pictures – April and May


April was mostly full of cocktails on a bank holiday night out, and on a hen do.

And I also had some lovely walks around the City Centre in the sun.

5784B145-252A-44EC-B066-D91821B7A337 [33515]


May was where it started to get really exciting. We went to play mini golf in St David’s shopping centre and had a really classy burger at Grazing Shed where I drank prosecco from the bottle with a straw!

And we went to see The Prodigy in the Motorpoint arena – a band I had loved for 20 years and finally got to see!!

4060485F-3E88-4A51-92F7-9089EE767539 [33541]

We went for a walk in the sand dunes at Merthyr Mawr (I was afraid the whole time that we were going to see snakes there because of all of the warning signs)

FullSizeRender [33543]

We went for afternoon tea at the Vale Resort as a treat before going to an evening wedding party.

7CDE2524-A55F-4B8E-A0F4-B8B24FDF75C3 [33545]

I met up with a friend in Cardiff Bay and enjoyed an amazing view from World of Boats.

734A88D1-2A1D-4754-9E18-7DD988DB4ECC [33557]

And finally we went to the Street Food Circus in Cardiff and out for cocktails afterwards.


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