Bloggers block 

Since I’ve started blogging again properly over the summer I’ve had loads of ideas about posts to write and reviews to do, but most of them haven’t happened. I’ve been suffering with the dreaded bloggers block.

I’ve been getting quite frustrated by this as in the past when I’ve had a break between posts it’s because I can’t be bothered or just don’t want to. But this time it’s different. I do want to, the words just haven’t been coming out.

I’ve been writing all of my ideas down in a notebook and setting aside time to blog, but when I actually sit down to do it, my inspiration disappears. I’m hoping this is just temporary and that I’ll get back into the swing of things really soon, but if any fellow bloggers have any tips on how they deal with bloggers block them they would be gratefully received!


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  1. FuuD says:

    Totally know what this is like and it’s absolutely pants – you’ll have a spark of inspiration only to find it fizzles out after about two paragraphs. There’s not loads you can do about it, but sometimes I find just writing whatever comes, even if it seems rubbish at first, can develop into something good after a couple of rewrites. I also find that doing something a bit unusual that you wouldn’t normally do can get the brain cells firing. It’s a tough one and there’s no one thing that always works – but perseverance does pay off!

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    1. sheliruss1 says:

      Thank you for showing me that it’s not just me! I don’t think it helps that my new job involves a lot more writing so I’ve lost my mojo a bit at home. I may try a trick I use in work though when I struggle with where to start on something and map it out in a notebook or something.

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      1. FuuD says:

        If you look back at when there are big gaps between my blogs it’s usually job related! It’ll come, just give it time 👍🏻

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      2. sheliruss1 says:

        I know, I’ve had massive job/life event related gaps this year but will hopefully get back into it soon! 🙂


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