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I’m a nerd girl in my early 30s from Cardiff, and here are ten facts about me:

  1. I’m a massive foodie and don’t do as much exercise as I should
  2. I entered my 30s in style in September 2016 and am so far loving being part of the 30s club
  3. I love tea, candles, bath bombs, Harry Potter and reading
  4. I love travelling and going to the beach
  5. I’m a huge dance music fan and a bit of a closet raver
  6. I’m also a plane spotter and love going and seeing planes arriving and departing at Cardiff Airport
  7. I’m trying to be more mindful and learning to live in the moment and set myself goals
  8. I really love animated films, particularly Despicable Me, Monsters Inc and Wallace and Gromit
  9. I am embracing being me and not worrying about what others think
  10. I work in the water industry and always surprise people as my specialism and passion is drainage.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    Hi, what is your direct e-mail please. We have an invitation to our kitchen and bar. Thanks


    1. sheliruss1 says:

      Hi Beth, I don’t want to put my direct email here, would it be possible to contact me on Twitter where I could DM it to you?


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