Review policy

PR Friendly 

Please contact me if you would be interested in me reviewing your book, product or restaurant at


I am happy to accept review requests for books and to take part in blog tours or promotions. I read women’s fiction (chick lit), thrillers and young adult books. I don’t publish reviews less than 3 stars as this usually means that I haven’t been able to finish the book. Should this happen I will contact you, and will not accept requests if I don’t think I will like the book. I read both hard copy books and on the kindle.


I am happy to review products, particularly those related to food and beauty. If you would like me to review your product or take part in any planned publicity then please drop me a line.


I regularly visit restaurants and bars in the South Wales area. If you would like me to review your bar or restaurant or are hosting an event then please get in touch! 


  • Please note that all of my reviews are honest and are my own opinion. 
  • I am happy to collaborate with other bloggers or writers, so if you think we could work together then please let me know.